GOT Talent judges move to tears with Sara Almagro


Sarah Almagro He tapped into a bullhorn that he envisions programs like Telecinco’s GOT Talent to explain his story and give life lessons. The current Spanish adapted surfing champion (Prone 2) recounts a time when he believed himself to be ‘invincible’ when he was 18. “The bacterium meningococcal meningitis changed my life.” He was in an induced coma for 10 days, and his parents even told him, “You must say goodbye to me forever.”

But as seen on the show, and as she says herself, “It didn’t happen because I believed I was invincible. I cut off my sleeve and let him die.” Clearly, he explains, it was inevitable after the amputation to think, “Why did I do what I deserved?” But they didn’t throw in the towel: “My father He even told me that if I threw the towel 500 times, he would be there to pick it up 501 times. Giving up is not an option for the Almagro Vallejo family. ”

While the GOT Talent judges looked visibly moved and she was making paper planes, Almagro continued: The important thing is to have a good heart. ‘ And he now added that “I’m a fourth-tier law student and a high-level athlete.” It is not in vain that she is the 2021 and 2022 Spanish champions and the 2021 world runner-up, and her goal is “to participate in the 2028 Paralympics”. “If I have learned anything, it is There are no limits to the mind and heart.”he affirms to conclude his performance.

“I want to emphasize the importance of the people around you. Your family is there every day. I didn’t know you, but thank you for being here and seeing you.” I was so happy,” Edurne said after the performance. You and your parents, you have incredible courage. Congratulations. ” It’s not for less.


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