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Youll now need to clean the bearings. My issue is with the rear hub bearings. PDF HUBS TECHNICAL MANUAL FRONT 350, 370. Cookie Notice A local bike shop will be able to repair and replace parts on your bike. New cyclists getting a new bike will have the ability to: Accessibility to a local bike shop that can do a bike fitting makes sure the bike is properly fit to you. Bicycles Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people who build and repair bicycles, people who train cycling, or commute on bicycles. I'm pretty sure that a hex key should go through 2 of those holes perpendicular with the axle to loosen something, but there's that black outer spacer covering it. Control SL, Epic SW, Epic EVO SW. All Rights Reserved. Even if you can't determine who made the hub, you can still service it. BikeRadar Cone spanners - usually 15 and 17mm Grease A magnetic hex screwdriver or pick. New Season, New Opportunities. Be aware that you might have to hit it pretty hard if its a tight fit. In order to remove the bearings, youll first need to support the hub in such a way that you wont damage it. ). Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, and our products. Some freehub bodies are pulled off without unscrewing the endcap - remember that your thru axle or quick release holds the system together, so there's no risk of the freehub body coming off while riding. For example, I had a pair of Alchemy hubs. Customer Service . It might take some strength to pry off as it will likely be held in by a rubber O-ring between it and a groove on the axle. RIM, 700C, CLINCHER, 18MM DP X 25MM INT WIDTH, DISC, 28H, ALY, BLK. Specialized Stout Front Hub 32 Holes Silver used, with skewer $34.99 $10.20 shipping or Best Offer NOS Specialized rear hub 32 holes NEW NEW $85.00 $10.00 shipping SPONSORED Vintage Specialized Front Hub 36 Hole 36h 100 mm 1980s Early MTB Road Tour $38.99 Was: $59.99 $5.65 shipping or Best Offer SPONSORED Cartridge bearings come in standard sizes, and these are generally printed on the rubber seals. Later on, when I needed the bearings changed in the rear hub, the shop discovered that one of the bearings needed a proprietary tool to remove, which was no longer available as Alchemy itself had gone out of business and Wheels didn't provide that tool. By clicking Post Your Answer, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. We recommend always consulting a retailer when replacement parts are needed. Freehub bodies are often held on by screwed-on endcaps. Finding a local bike shop near you is very important to your cycling experience. Honestly why do you want to bother in fixing those hubs ? Specialized Formula-Roval 148mm boost rear hub from Levo/ Kenevo/Enduro/Stumpjumper/Epic/etc. Alternatively, some hubs (eg. The new bearing should only be driven using the outer race of the bearing as striking the inner race is likely to cause damage to the small ball bearings inside the cartridge. You've been subscribed to our newsletter. Considering the rear on your bike is a quick release instead of a thru axle it is possible that it's still a cup and cone system with loose bearings or bearings in a race (holder), which your mechanic should have been able to work on no problem if they know what they're doing. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. Carefully remove the bearings from the race the tip of a magnetic screwdriver will help you to lift the bearings out. There's really nothing wrong with the hubs if maintained, they are definitely not on par with a lot of the aftermarket hubs that are available but we are not all racers or want nothing but the best on our bikes regardless of cost. allo-- if not too costly, i'd take one. The majority of replacement parts must be ordered through and installed by an Authorized Specialized Retailer. $52.99. Thanks! rev2023.5.1.43405. Well, this could have easily been solved if one of us looked at the specialized website - "REAR HUB - Specialized, sealed cartridge bearings, 12x148mm thru-axle, 28h" I'm pretty sure that even on the bikes that did ship with dt swiss bits the specsheet still said the same thing. Do what works for you. On the non-drive side there's a tool interface on the axle. Bike Service Bike services that bike shops usually provide are adjustments and repairs of: brakes ; drivetrain; shifters (i.e., Shimano) derailleurs; wheels and tires; Bike Repairs Bike repairs are a big reason to find a bike store near you. It's important to know the order and direction the pieces go and careful disassembly will allow you to keep track of the order and direction. A bearing press is, by far, the best solution for this job, and is something well worth investing in. Specialized Stout Rear Hub - Serviced Jeff Sheehan 211 subscribers Subscribe 20K views 5 years ago In this video I will walk you through the process of servicing a Specialized Stout Rear. For more information, please see our HDS FSA MY14 ENDURO SW / EXPERT CARBON MY14 SJ HT CARBON 1-1/8 AND 1-1/2 HEADSET, HDS CANE CREEK,CAA2016,41.8/28.6/FLAT IS52/40 W/AL RACE SEAL, CROWN RACE FOR MY20 EPIC/EPIC HT SW, STC MY18 EPIC SEAT COLLAR 34.9 MM WITH TI BOLT, AXL THROUGH AXLE, JD JD-QR43, 7075-T73 AXLE W/C6801 WASHER, REAR, 148MM SPACING, 172MM LENGTH, 12MM, MSC ROAD 7MM WIRELESS PLUG W/ S LOGO FOR FD AND RD HOLE, MSC MY14 (EPIC CARBON/SJ HT CARBON/CAMBER CARBON/ RUMOR) FOAM ICR SLEEVE "CHURRO" 11MM OD, HGR SRAM AC UDH DERAILLEUR HANGER AL BLACK (00.7918.089.000), MSC YUNG FANG, WL-9202-6, FD BLIND PLUG-DI2, CBG MY21 EPIC HT ICR GUIDE,PLASTIC,XC FSR H1,SINGLE, CBG MY21 EPIC HT ICR GUIDE,PLASTIC,XC FSR H1,TRIPLE, CBG MY21 EPIC HEADTUBE ICR GUIDE,TPE,XC FSR H1,TRIPLE, MSC MY21 EPIC MYLAR DOWNTUBE PROTECTOR XS GLOSS, MSC MY21 EPIC MYLAR DOWNTUBE PROTECTOR SM GLOSS, MSC MY21 EPIC MYLAR DOWNTUBE PROTECTOR MD GLOSS, MSC MY21 EPIC MYLAR DOWNTUBE PROTECTOR LG GLOSS, MSC MY21 EPIC MYLAR DOWNTUBE PROTECTOR XL GLOSS, SHK SRAM RS BRAIN 265X52.5 ST SY EPIC SMOK B1 (00.4418.248.003), CHS MY21 EPIC REAR TRIANGLE MTB,XC FSR H1,29,CRBN GLOSS BLK WHT, CBG MY21 EPIC BRAIN GUIDE,PLASTIC,XC FSR H1, CHS MY21 EPIC EVO REAR TRIANGLE MTB,XC FSR H2,29,CRBN GLOSS BLK WHT, SHK EXT MY21 EPIC EVO SW CARBON EXTENSION, SUB MY21 EPIC EVO REAR SHOCK HARDWARE KIT, SUB MY21 EPIC BRAIN SHOCK AIR SLEEVE SERVICE KIT(11.4418.034.000), SUB MY21 EPIC BRAIN SHOCK DAMPER SERVICE KIT(11.4418.035.000), SUB MY21 KIT MICRO BRAIN AIR CAN(11.4418.033.001), SUB MY21 KIT MICRO BRAIN DAMPER BODY EXT(11.4418.033.002), SUB MY21 KIT MICRO BRAIN AIR PISTON(11.4418.033.003), SUB MY21 KIT MICRO BRAIN DAMPER SHAFT(11.4418.033.004), SUB MY21 KIT MICRO BRAIN RESERVOIR(11.4418.033.005), SUB MY21 KIT MICRO BRAIN RESI FILL CAPS(11.4418.033.006), SUB MY21 KIT MICRO BRAIN HOSE(11.4418.033.007), DCL MY21 KIT MICRO BRAIN DECAL, ALL COLORS (11.4418.033.008), SUB MY21 KIT MICRO BRAIN MOUNTING HARDWARE(11.4418.033.011), SUB MY21 KIT MICRO BRAIN IFP, BODY(11.4418.033.013), SUB MY21 KIT MICRO BRAIN IFP(11.4418.033.012), SUB MY21 EPIC SEAL HEAD,10MM,GUIDED KIT (11.4418.033.014), SUB MY21 EPIC EYELET,MICRO BRAIN KIT (11.4418.033.015), SUB MY21 EPIC RESERVOIR BODY,MICRO BRAIN KIT (11.4418.033.016), SUB MY21 EPIC DAMPER BODY,MICRO BRAIN KIT (11.4418.033.017), SUB MY21 EPIC BUSHING,EXT,MICRO BRAIN KIT (11.4418.033.000), RIM, 700C, CLINCHER, 18MM DP X 25MM INT WIDTH, DISC, 28H, ALY, BLK, EDC MY21 CONTROL SL FRONT HUB END CAPS DS & NDS, 19MM OD FOR LFM17/LFM19, EDC MY21 CONTROL SL FRONT HUB END CAPS DS & NDS, 31MM OD FOR LFM17/LFM19, HUB MY21 CONTROL SL FRONT HUB, LFM17, 24H, 6 BOLT,110X15MM,19MM OD END CAPS (H180BDIXR24SO7926C), HUB MY21 CONTROL SL REAR HUB, LFM18,24H,6 BOLT,XD DRIVE BODY,148X12MM,RATCHET EXP(H180TDDRR24SO7940C), HUB MY21 CONTROL SL NEW REAR HUB,24H,6 BOLT,XD DRIVEBODY,148X12MM,RATCHET EXP(H180TDDRR24SO2610C), RIM MY21 CONTROL SL RIM 24H 29MM INNER WIDTH W/BLACK DECAL, DCL MY21 CONTROL SL WHT GLD GHOST PERAL DECAL 8 DECALS FOR ONE WHEELSET, FHB MY21 DT SWISS RATCHET EXP, MICROSPLINE. Whoever is interested in this tool can email me at. 2017 Cannondale Scalpel Si Carbon 3 (27.5). The silver spacer doubles as both a dust cap and decorative element in most hubs. You can now place the bearings into the grease which will help hold them in place. Mavic) have a threaded cap to allow for bearing adjustment, so just unscrew these first. Save 25% + DMR Trail Gloves + DeathGrips when you subscribe to MBUK magazine, *Spring Savings* Try 6 issues of Cycling Plus for just 9.99 | Save 74% today, remove the cassette from the freehub body, Multi-sized cone spanners: 13, 14, 15 and 16mm, Special tools or alloy tube to press the bearings. If the freehub does not come off you have to press or hammer out the axle from drive side to non drive side with the axle in place. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Stack Exchange network consists of 181 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Keep in mind that the bearing races are made of hardened steel and are therefore potentially brittle. JavaScript is disabled. Seriously. Posted: Jul 8, 2014 at 20:06 Quote: I had issues with the Wheelset that came on my 2013 Stumpjumper Comp Evo. Bought the bike second hand, can't imagine the Specialized dealer will do anything for me. (Admittedly, proprietary cartridge bearings do exist, but these should be rare, and manufacturers using them are going to provide the service manuals.). After I got the seals off, the grease looks . You may need to adjust the tightness of the cone to stop any play or drag if its too tight the hub will not spin freely. The next operation removes the bearing which is left behind. Copyright 2023 Performance Bicycle. It rolled fine, but sounded like the bearings had run dry. bikes, have a design \"flaw\" that allows axial loads to be applied on the hub's 2 radial bearings( original ones XERO 6903 LBLU which i replaced with a pair of NTN 6903 LLU) when the axle is tightened. For components that are not designed and manufactured by Specialized, consult directly with the manufacturer or through an Authorized Specialized Retailer. S205900006. 188 - 203. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. Already have an account with us? This hub. Download. Now return the axle to the freehub side. Use a degreaser and some paper cloth, making sure you fully clean away all the old grease before proceeding. My issue is with the rear hub bearings. 38K views 3 years ago A detailed video on how to take apart, service and put together a Specialized Hi - Lo Rear Hub. The Axis Elite rear hub is pain. Whoever is interested in this tool can email me at [email protected] It may not include every part, and some parts are reserved specifically for warranty cases. I'm trying to remove the freehub from a road wheel (Specialized hubs, no model name/number). . Hope this can help other riders that have this hub and prevent the bearings from prematurely failing( off course this does not exempt good maintenance of the rear hubs which means cleaning and lubricating them periodically, avoiding power washing, etc. Dont allow the bearing to go in askew as attempting to force it in if its badly out of line will only get it jammed and make it harder to install. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Can check with the bike shop though. Again, a magnetic screwdriver makes this job much easier. I'd happily consider Campagnolo's factory wheels if I ever went back to using Campagnolo. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Campagnolo cups are replaceable. That said, if you're getting any grinding it's probably bearings and not the freehub body and the blind hole bearing puller others have suggested will get those out. Off of the bike, the axle rotates smoothly but has a lot of resistance for cartridge bearings with <200 miles on them. We recommend always consulting a retailer when replacement parts are needed. . Its also likely to create ridges that could prevent it from seating correctly, or could even damage the hub beyond repair. and our To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Off of the bike, the axle rotates smoothly but has a lot of resistance for cartridge bearings with <200 miles on them. Count me in for the tool. The tool makes the job so much easier! Bolt kits (S200500007) and bearing kits . Generally once you've figured out the removal process (see Weiwen's answer for those tips), it's an exercise in cartridge bearing hub maintenance, where the process is very similar across brands. We look forward to being your local bike shop in Toronto. Refit the cone to the non drive side of the axle and tighten it until contacts the bearings. Generally once you've figured out the removal process (see Weiwen's answer for those tips), it's an exercise in cartridge bearing hub maintenance, where the process is very similar across brands. A local Specialized dealer didn't have spares. Each code corresponds to a set of measurements - external diameter, internal diameter, and depth. Wheels Manufacturing later bought the designs to Alchemy, and supported existing hubs that they had parts for, but they later discontinued the hub. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. . To service this hub you will need a tool like the one I fabricated, also a 14mm allen key is required to remove the freehub from the wheel. S-Works FACT carbon Tarmac SL6 seatpost, 0mm offset, 380mm. Should I re-do this cinched PEX connection? In order to provide you with better service, DT Swiss uses cookies. Take some grease and apply a healthy dose to the bearing race in the hub. What were the most popular text editors for MS-DOS in the 1980s? Specialized touts their 142+ rear standard as being better because the hub flanges are wider apart and produce a stiffer and better balanced wheel (watch the video below). Service your wheel bearings for a smoother ride. Are there any canonical examples of the Prime Directive being broken that aren't shown on screen? Novatec Hub Rear Hub 8-11Speed Hybrid Black 36H 135mm . The front hub is fine. If your wheels feel rough when you spin them, its time to service the hubs on your bike. This step takes a little trial and error, but dont rush it as a poorly adjusted hub is likely to cause issues in the future. S5 (XL) 6'2" - 6'8". Compare. Is it even necessary to adjust the tension on these bearings? There's 2 people on the list so far, 8 more and I can make a batch. It may not include every part, and some parts are reserved specifically for warranty cases. Specalized hi lo hubs (mainly rear) in Specialized. Others, such as Hope, simply use an interference fit cap. When all of the bearings are in place, you can then refit the axle and gently turn it to ensure they are installed correctly. Inspect the flanges of the hubs, particularly around the spoke holes for cracks or corrosion. By clicking Accept all cookies, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. As of last night all 3 rear hubs have failed. Serivce Manual for Specialized full sealed bearing thru axle hub, This link in particular describes an Axis rear hub from Specialized, New blog post from our CEO Prashanth: Community is the future of AI, Improving the copy in the close modal and post notices - 2023 edition, Terminology index - a list of bike part names and cycling concepts. Hold the lock nut on the drive side with one spanner, then undo the non-driveside cone with the other and wind it off by hand. We are constantly reviewing the parts that can be safely installed by riders, and making some available for purchase directly on Specialized.com. EDC MY21 CONTROL SL FRONT HUB END CAPS DS & NDS, 31MM OD FOR LFM17/LFM19. City, State/Province, Zip or City & Country, have a bike fitting to make sure they have the bike sized properly, test ride new bikes to make sure they have the perfect bike, have the bike built, including bike pedals and water bottle holders installed, choose cycling gear to make cycling even more enjoyable (i.e., cycling shoes), replacement bike tires and tubes (in case of a flat), install bike upgrades for building the perfect bike, cleaning grease and dirt of your mountain bike and road bikes, checking gears and derailleurs for damage and alignment, checking the brakes to make sure they work well, check alignment on bike frames and wheels, regrease and oil the appropriate parts of your bike. You can then spin the axle to make sure it rotates cleanly. The below list of parts is a reference for what retailers can order from Specialized. It was easy to swap them, old spokes fitted the new hub. The first one supposedly broke the rear axle . Keep it clean and greased and it will last. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. It fits into those two notches, but it's different (and proper) size compared to the Suntour freehub tool. Hubs have enough standard features that anyone generally familiar with hubs can usually determine how to service them. Why is it important to keep bearing sets when greasing a campagnolo hub? I tried searching for the hub specifically but cannot find any number or series on the back hub, the front hub states SCS-722. http://forums.mtbr.com/specialized/specialized-hi-lo-142-hub-764972-2.html#post9745934, http://forums.mtbr.com/specialized/specialized-142-rear-hub-679462.html. Contact Us; Product Returns; VIP Rewards Program; VIP Terms & Conditions . We recommend always consulting a retailer when replacement parts are needed. Which language's style guidelines should be used when writing code that is supposed to be called from another language? $39.49. Comp. Remove the locking nut and spacer by hand. This includes things like: We partner with top-notch bike shops in your area for in-store pickups.

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